Let’s Do Better Marketing Together

I’m a digital marketing consultant that specializes in the travel, accommodations and real estate industries. My clients are typically:

  • Vacation rental companies who are looking to create winning marketing campaigns
  • Hotel/B&B marketing managers looking to gain an edge over their completion
  • Travel or tourism websites & blogs that want to generate thousands of visitors to their websites
  • Real estate agents that looking for a hyper-effective lead generation system to close more sales

You’re probably wondering how I can help you. After all, there are thousands of so-called “marketers” out there who would be glad to take your money in exchange for SEO or some other buzzword you don’t have to even have time to look up anymore.

But I’m different.

Hey there!

Pleased to meet you!
Pleased to meet you!

My name is Conrad O’Connell. Four years ago, I started with a GoDaddy template website trying to help my father-in-law market his website to visitors looking to book a fishing charter. After a year, he was doing so well he added another boat. Now, he turns away tons of leads everyday because he’s booked solid.

After helping my father-in-law and graduating from Coastal Carolina University, I found that digital marketing was a compelling career choice for me. Now, four years later, I’m working closely with dozens of clients in the vacation rental, real estate and accommodations industries driving huge results with effective digital marketing. I’ve spent thousands of hours working with clients and getting them huge results. Some marketing consultants just move you down a funnel into their system — I’m not like that. When we work together, I’m as obsessed with finding the best way to reach your audience as you are.

I pride myself on working with clients who execute quickly, are open to new strategies, strive to be excellent and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. My clients generate millions of dollars a year in online revenue, and I can help you do the same thing.

Are you ready for better results?

Digital marketing isn’t easy. It’s crazy effective when done right, but learning how to set up sitemaps and Facebook can be confusing and overwhelming. If you’re trying to grow your business the right way, you owe it to yourself to work with a consultant that gets results.

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